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Whether your needs are large or small - business or personal -  we have the right E-mail solution for you. A personalized E-mail address will enhance your social and business presence, while allowing you to keep the same E-mail address forever.

21-Day Money Back Guarantee
Try out our E-mail service and if within 21-days you're not completely satisfied
 we'll completely refund your money - no questions asked.

E-Mail Sign-up Options are available on Your Domain Order Form
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  • Our E-Mail service is supported by industry-leading I.B.M. Data Center technology, providing a highly reliable, scalable environment with robust applications.  Our service is designed to improve the way you, your workforce, and friends communicate. Reliability is priority #1.

Option #1:   Basic Forwarding

  • Keep your current E-mail address and have messages to your new domain automatically forwarded to your existing E-mail box.

    Example: myself  gets forwarded to tbsmith123

    With this solution you can establish a new E-mail identity with virtually no change in your present routine. You can also use an unlimited number of recipients, or "aliases." For example, E-mail sent to  "john", "jane", "sales",  "marketing", "anyone"...  -  will all be delivered to you in one instantaneous and transparent process. Multiple recipients (ie. employees or family members) can also be set up to have different destinations for an added charge.

Order E-Mail Forwarding for only$46 each year.

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Option #2:   E-Mail Box  (with free WebMail)

  • To the familiar POP3 box we've added some extra power and features. POP3 simply stands for "Post Office Protocol" of the latest version - it means you will have your own personal mailbox, based on your domain name, which downloads mail to your local computer. You can either view and send mail using your computer's E-mail client* or, when you prefer, access mail on the Internet via WebMail...

    WebMail makes your e-mail accessible through any Internet browser - and is free feature included in every account. The ability to access your e-mail on the web is convenient and particularly useful for those who may not have a permanent computer workstation or who travel frequently. WebMail allows you to access your e-mail using any computer or smart phone in the world 24 x 7. Wherever you go, your mail will be waiting
    Webmail is available in 13 languages including English, French, Spanish, German and Brazilian Portuguese.

  • E-mail forwarding
  • E-mail aliasing
  • Free Spam Filter.
  • Auto-responders
  • Anti-virus protection - Virus Checking and Cleaning of all mail
  • 5 GB of storage (that's big), with optional storage available
  • SSL encryption of mail to/from server
  • Unlimited bandwidth transfer
  • Message transfer size up to 25MB
  • Password creation and maintenance
  • In-house 24/7 abuse team
  • Stable, reliable service
  • Online management and support tools
  • 21-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Free Spam Filter!
  • Unlimited number of users for each domain: For example, employees or family members john, jane, sales, marketing, president, sally, sam, etc., can each have a separate, private mailbox based on You can add or delete users at any time.
  • IMAP - stands for Internet Message Access Protocol - with IMAP the remote mail server (rather than your computer) is the primary message repository. Messages are retained on the server - rather than being downloaded to your computer each time you log in. It is a good business solution for employees needing access to shared correspondence and messages. IMAP is available free for any account.

Add POP with free WebMail for only $69 each year.

*Our mail system supports virtually all e-mail clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird,
and works great with Windows and Apple OSX operating systems, as well as
 IOS and Android-based mobile devices.


Note: We strictly enforce the "no-spam" policy described in our E-mail service terms.


Already Have a Domain ?
Add our email Service for only  $69 each year.



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