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At we are proud of the fact that a good part of our business comes from customer referrals. We strive to provide the kind of efficient and reliable service that we would like to enjoy ourselves. We reproduce here a sample of  comments received over time from appreciative customers in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, and Asia - all unsolicited:

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "Thank you for your superb service."  S.L.T. (USA)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "THANKS VERY MUCH FOR BEING PROFESSIONAL... we sent a few people your way telling them what a great team you have."  J.F. (USA)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "Thank you for your speed. I have tried unsuccessfully for four weeks to register with the *** ____ Domain people."  C.C. (Canada)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "Thanks for the good work."  "Thanks for your great services."
  P.L. (Australia)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "I found your site on yahoo. It worked great."  T.C. (USA)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "You recently obtained the domain name of ***.COM for me. I am impressed at the fast service."  G.C. (USA)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "Thanks for the help."  M.G. (USA)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "I am very pleased with your service and quick response."  B.V (USA)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "I had a look at your site & services, congratulations for the amount of information & content you provide with it which is very useful when deciding who to trust when registering."  E.S. (Italy)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "That was great!! You did it in a rush, really. Many thanks and a happy New Year . . ."  E.J.S. (Austria)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "Thank you very much. I think your service is great."  H. O. (Japan)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "I am very much appreciating your efforts during the application process. Good job! Thank you very much."  J. P. (USA)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "I was very pleased with your service and will recommend you to others."   C.R. (USA)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "Thanks for the SUPER Customer Service!!"  E.Z. (USA)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "Thanks for the response...quick or wot !"  A.S. (England)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "Thank you for your quick responses and I will be sure to pass you web site address to my friends and associates."  J.L. (USA)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "Your service was prompt and complete. I will be happy to suggest your service to others." L.G. (USA)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "Thanks very much for helping out. I'm new to managing web pages... Thank you for your extra effort, it's certainly very much appreciated."  E.H.W. (Taiwan)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "Thank you for assisting me in getting my domain registered. You have been an excellent resource." T.K.N. (USA)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "I am at my wits end and I'm afraid at the end of my technical capability. After 29 years in Information Systems, I never thought there would be a technical matter I couldn't figure out ...... Thank you for the clear and very comprehensive answer... Thanks again for helping me navigate this confusing territory. The anology you used really cleared things up... rest assured I will recommend [your service] based on your help."
J.N.B. (USA)

pointblue.gif (889 bytes) "...quite efficient - thank you & yes I have recommended your company to other associates of mine." M.H. (USA)

To these and to all our customers, sincerest thanks!





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"Good job! Thank you very much."  J. P. (USA)


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